Welcome to a Summer Sampling of my Posh Frippery World in Arizona, What I have found is to create an Art Studio that one never wants to Leave, Staging for Oneself!  Hello The Apartment!  So Inspiring everyday to Paint, Sculpt ,and  spend time in Contemplative Prayer.  International Website and Ebay & Etsy Stores. Over the years I have found some Great Buys, The Resin Base and Container cost 49.00 for both, Stained Glass, little Resin Cherub and small Chandelier for 25.00 Each, I built the Table from a Wishing Well, and faux finished the Gabriel, So much can be done very reasonable, Goodwill/Chic to create your own Environment to Be Peaceful, Healthy, & Content!   This is why Trips to France are just in the  Pigments of My Imagination!