What is vintage French Brocante?         

Until early last February 2013, I had never heard the word Brocante before, probably like most of you.

While in one of my favorite Antique Malls here in Scottsdale Arizona, I came across a back issue of the Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine, with a picture on the front of some ancient ballet slippers with the word Brocante written over them, I thought "what an interesting word?!" So I picked up the magazine and began glancing through the pages.  Suddenly my thoughts were flooded with images of my long ago journey's to France, and for a minute or who knows how long, I was swept away once more in my imagination, to cobblestone streets, amongst stone buildings, with worn chippy shutters, flowerboxes, and muted shades of grey, and the scent of Lavender in the air., remembering a cat who meowed at me in a French accent, highlighting the sound of the Meow! and for just a second I was back in Provence, hunting for Antique Net Lace, the Lavender soap And worn Fabric and Statuary as in these pages. Purchasing the magazine, I took it home and began reading and studying the wonderful thoughts and Photography by Jeanne d'Arc Living's Owners Lonnie and Vivian from Denmark.  I was enthralled to say the least, little did they know, I had just become their "New Best Friend in America" Since that Time Jeanne d'Arc  Living Magazines and Products are Available at my Website!


As the month went on in my research of this word "Brocante", I came to find a whole new world out there on the internet of blogs and others in Europe especially, that were already very familiar with Brocante, French Flea Markets, were full of these items, So like any good student, I looked up the word, and found it to be similar to our Vintage Antiques, closer to what we consider Shabby Chic.  Yet this was different, more ancient, greyer, patina and worn.  Then I remembered, what many of you, my friends, would already know if you have traveled throughout Europe. its not like America where there is only a few centuries of History to view, This is like nothing we could know here, getting off the plane we feel as though, we have just entered into another world, of Ancient Architecture, Customs, and Culture, Traditions, most of us have only read about. The most peculiar experience happens; We begin to feel at home! There is something about our ability as American's in our busy changing lifestyles to acclaimate, for me anyways, its as though I carry Home with me in my Heart, that no matter where I am, as soon as I get my bearings, I feel quite at home, Airline or well traveled people would understand.


Throughout my Art Career, I have found that my Paintings grew from very monochromatic tones, as I became braver with color, to deep, rich colors, glazed over with sepia tones, for that aged effect. but here we are again, a new color palette to study, and ingest, until it becomes our own, shades of grey,  stone tan buildings, rusted old Santo's crowns and iron fretwork, patina 'and moss covered statuary, aged to perfection, chippy doors, lavender fields, Traditions and Values of a people , like a rich tapestry woven and faded, but too precious to discard, tattered  gauzy net lace, and who would have thought, old burlap feed sacks, to upholster chairs with, have now all become "Valuable Brocante", its the perfect transition!        Are you starting to get a feel for that Precious Word ,and Style? Just beginning to work its way into American Home Interior Design! Its Fabulous! Integrading in to our Posh Frippery World!                                        To get back to the website click   http://www.vintagefrenchstyle.com