In developing this blog for the Website, my desire was to create a place of Poetic Thoughtsand a Storyline all could enter into, and be drawn back again and again, like visiting weekly with an old friend you have known all your life. You all know the feeling, even though separated by time and distance, you are able to pick up your conversation, just as though no time has passed at all, This is the feeling I would like you to have, Its not about the marketing of my products so much, as being able to communicate on a personal level, enriching the inner parts of the Heart, A place you could come to and feel like a welcome guest each time, Just for who you are!  


As a Collectible Artist since the 70's when I began painting charcoal and pastel portraits for people in a Mall in Minneapolis, I felt as though I was an oasis in the Mall for all the lonely people who linger there, beyond taking portrait orders, people would come and sit down with me, and begin telling me the story of their lives, It was quite stunning, how many people were so happy to have someone just take time to listen.  Since then, I have always incorporated the personal, relatable elements in to my Paintings and Sculptures, throughout the years, I think this is what collectors will remember, touching the heart.


In the 80's I began the Limited Edition Print business from my original improvised paintings, from photographs I had taken.  At an Art Buyer Caravan Show in Chicago, I was approached by The Bradford Exchange, asking if I would be interested in doing a plate series for them, from one of my Pastel Paintings, they rounded it and showed me what the plate would look like, to be honest, I knew nothing of the Collectible Market, but after further research, I could see the potential, and signed on the contract, they did something never done before, which was to send out the plate design, without testing it first, well to mine and everyone's surprise, it sold 50,000 on the first mailing, way back before the internet, so my collectible career with the Bradford Exchange began, culminating in 16 years with them, Designing, three plate series, of 16 plates, Two Doll series of 6 dolls, and Nine Victorian Resin House Designs with a storyline to match called "Victoriana" for Hawthorne Architectural Structures, All part of the Bradford Group.    Victoriana the Village I created for them with its storyline to match, seems to be the impetus for the Development of this portion of my Website, although it has been many years since my collectible days. There is still something in me of the Storyline, a bit like a French Victoriana,


As I create this Blog, and we journey to France together, becoming friends on the way, Even though we may never meet, because the website audience now encompasses the globe,( thanks to my affiliation with Jeanne d'Arc Living of Denmark, selling their Magazines, Clothing and Products, along with my own Artwork and Collectibles.) This Blog will be a bit like being International Pen Pals of Old, (if you remember that) As we begin our journey to France ( I have traveled there many times in the past) There is something about France that never leaves you, a lasting impression for me which has influenced all my Paintings and Designs since my visits there. As though France became and intricle part of who I am today. As we learn together, about this new growing phenomonom in America of the "Vintage French Brocante."


Besure at anytime you can go to my International Website by clicking  http://www.vintagefrenchstyle.com