Old World Christmas 2019

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Reminiscent of Days Gone By, yet with a Timeless Quality,  Once more, this is what you will find in my Newest Old World Christmas 2019 Video, from my Wonderful Apartment in Scottsdale Arizona.  Enjoy My  Original Religious Oil Paintings,  My Old World Tree covered with 1800's Vintage French Replicas of Santo's Crowns, & Ex Voto Sacred Heart Reliquery Lockets, amidst Elegant thick Florals, Yummy Jeweled Pomegranates, Antique Bullion Fringe, Old Yellowed Family Photos & Tintypes. As you sit back and relax, while listening to my favorite Enya Christmas songs, Silent Night in Gaelic, The Spirit of Christmas Past, and Then Winter Came! You will be the first to meet my Prototype Automatons, of my Original Sculpted Dolls, while they prepare to be perfected. Enjoy the Ambience of My Working Studio and Apartment, be inspired, as I am, from the precious gifts The Lord has Bestowed this Season and throughout the year! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all who have visited here!  Be Sure to see my Newest Video, of my One of a Kind, Sculpy Automatons. Vintage Isabeau   Just scroll down alittle and Click the Arrow!    Afterwards       Click the other Link Pages Above!                                                                                                                                           Have A Blessed Christmas & A Happy New Year!      Sincerely,    CorinneLayton                                           

Merry Christmas  2018