19th  Century  Lace                             Brussels Point de Gaze   Exquisite Handmade Needle Point Flounce, the Rarest and Most Wonderful Example I have found in my 40 some years of collecting Antique Lace.  Stumbled upon Yesterday while visiting one of my favorite Antique Malls in Scottsdale. It was hidden on a darkened glass shelf, may have been overlooked for month's,  15 feet 10 inches x 9 and a half inches of Museum Quality Lace like this you never find!  You have to be a Lace Collector to understand, I have been in awe for days! So I have taken several Pictures, and Contacted the Handmade Lace Alert Society in America and Europe for a Museum. It Sold! Went to a Happy Home! for more Pictures of this style Lace visit the website click       http://www.vintagefrenchstyle.com