De Tweede Lente                   From what I can tell it is the Scandinavian word for Brocante.   I found this at Yvonne's site as that is the name of her Company, so I worked up a Collage!  I was researching all the Brocantes of France and Scandinavia! So alot  of the Brocante Pictures are hers, In my Collage!   Dedicating this section to the Love & Missing of Lilacs in my life here in the desert. and the growing affection  for Ancient European shades of Sepia, Tattered  Mannequins clothed in waxed Wedding Flowers, and Antique Flounces of Handmade Lace, Ballet & Band Costumes.  My Joy is the Images of Jesus, Mary, Joseph & the Saints are Welcomed into everyone's D├ęcor! Enjoy Today's Visual Reminiscence!   To return to my website for more information just click the Link